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Snoring is a problem that is very common among both male and female adults. Although the issue tends to be minor, in some cases it can be very problematic especially if it is extremely loud. The sound generated by snoring occurs when the muscles in the tongue, throat and roof of your mouth become relaxed during sleep, leading to loose tissue in the throat sagging.

This tissue then flaps about when you take a breath, leading to the airways tightening up or even becoming fully blocked. Snoring occurs due to the vibration caused by breathing, and becomes louder and louder as the airways tighten up more and more.

Not only can this snoring be disruptive of your sleeping time, it can also disturb your partner or spouse if you both share a common bed. Dr. Michelle Eng and her team are happy to introduce a new and effective cure for snoring, known as the Nightlase.


Nightlase snoring treatment gets to the root of the problem in order to find a cure for snoring. It is a non-invasive treatment and makes use of a non-ablative laser to help tighten the skin at the back of your mouth. This will also increase the production of collagen in the area, promoting self-repair and leading to the back of your throat contracting.

Nightlase optimizes the length of laser pulse which allows the safe penetration of heat into the oral mucous tissue. These treatments are gentle enough to be used inside the mouth, but strong enough to provide clinically effective heating.

As a result, there is much better support for the airways and uvula where the snoring comes from. With the larger airways, more oxygen can be drawn with every breath, helping to reduce snoring substantially.

In addition, this laser treatment for snoring is not painful at all and also does not have any known side effects following the procedure. It is a swift treatment and can be finished up in a matter of minutes, and has also been clinically proven to minimize snoring during sleep. In some cases, snoring may even be eliminated completely, but be aware that this will not be the case for everyone, with the results dependent on your condition.


Each session should be spaced three weeks apart until there is a big improvement in the situation, but this may vary depending on the individual. Repeated sessions of laser treatment for snoring can also boost how long the effect lasts for, and this will be discussed with you during the first consultation session with our doctors.


Dr. Michelle Eng provides advanced care in the field of aesthetic medicine, and to boost the confidence and outlook of our clients. Whether you need a simple service or a complicated treatment, our team of professionals will ensure you receive our best care with our array of services.

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