IV sedation can help you feel at ease while receiving your treatments. IV, or intravenous, sedation is a type of conscious sedation, meaning that while you will feel relaxed, you will also be aware of where you are and what is happening, and you will be able to follow any instructions our Dentist gives you.

Before we can provide you with IV sedation, you will need to meet with Dr. Michelle Eng one-on-one to discuss your medical history, dental needs and any other relevant factors. If IV sedation is the best option for you, we will have an anesthesiologist on hand to monitor your sedation treatment and ensure that you are comfortable and safe and that there are no complications with your sedation.

IV sedation provides medication directly into your bloodstream, allowing you to relax quickly. Many patients who receive this type of sedation feel as if they slept through their treatment and do not recall the details of their time in our office.

Please make sure that you have someone available to drive you home following your appointment. We also strongly recommend that you have someone available to stay with you for a few hours after you have returned home until the medication has worn off.

For more information about IV sedation in Aliso Viejo, California, and to set up your consultation with Dr. Eng, contact our office today at 949-249-8721.