Oral Surgery Aliso Viejo

Our experienced, knowledgeable team offers a range of dental solutions to suit your family’s every need. If you require extraction of a regular tooth, wisdom teeth or want to get a dental implant to restore your smile, our highly skilled and experienced dentists can help.

Tooth Extractions

While it’s always ideal to keep all of your teeth, of course, there are times when removal is necessary. Whether you need a tooth pulled due to having decay or need to have teeth removed before receiving dentures or implants, our team can provide gentle extractions. We use a local anesthetic for your procedure to ensure that you’re completely comfortable.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Wisdom teeth are generally the last teeth to grow in at the back of the mouth, usually during the late teenage years. If there isn’t adequate space for them, or if they grow in at improper angles, it can affect the rest of your teeth, shifting them out of place and causing problems such as cavities in these hard-to-reach molars. When removal is appropriate, we can perform the procedure while you’re under local anesthetic.


Dental implants are the contemporary solution to missing teeth. Not only can implants restore function but self-esteem as well. They can be used for a single tooth, multiple teeth or all teeth. A titanium post is placed in the jawbone. After a healing period has passed, we can then affix the appropriate restoration on your implant, such as a dental crown, dental bridge or dentures. The entire procedure can be completed at our office so that you don’t have to worry about being referred elsewhere.

Our oral surgery options can help you achieve a healthier smile. Contact us today to schedule your appointment or discuss whether oral surgery is right for you!

Nervous? We Have Something for That Too

Ask about our safe and comfortable sedation options to help you relax throughout your smile makeover or other dental work. We’re here to help you feel comfortable! Flexible financing plans are available. Contact Michelle Eng, DDS in Aliso Viejo to schedule your smile makeover consultation.



Suzan S
Suzan S
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Always have a great experience! On Time. Professional. Educational. Friendly.
Christine E
Christine E
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While having my teeth worked on always brings some degree of trepidation, Dr. Michelle Eng helps to remove all anxiety. She is a gentle, caring, and overall fantastic dentist.

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