Teeth Whitening Aliso Viejo

Over time, our teeth begin to discolor and look gray or yellow. Staining foods and beverages, smoking, the aging process, wearing braces for an extended period, and other factors can all play a part in leaving your smile looking less bright than it used to. Let’s face it: having tarnished teeth is not a good look. Fortunately, with teeth whitening, you can achieve a smile as bright as our Aliso Viejo sunshine.

With the teeth whitening systems available, you can easily achieve a more youthful, luminous look. Teeth whitening can give you a confident, megawatt smile in time for an upcoming wedding, vacation or job interview.

In-Office Teeth Whitening

If you have a particularly busy schedule or would like to see instant results, having your whitening performed over a single appointment at our office may be ideal for you. It takes just about an hour to have the whitening solution applied, monitored by our team and to see a smile that is several shades whiter when treatment is completed. One of the advantages of in-office teeth whitening is that results can last from six months to two years.




If you’d prefer to complete the whitening process in the comfort of your own home, we provide take-home kits. The trays in the kits are custom-created for you, so they’re comfortable and easy to wear. The whitening takes place over a couple of weeks during which you wear your trays daily for a set period, which we’ll discuss with you.

Unlike over-the-counter options, our whitening systems are professional-grade and are made to minimize side effects such as sensitivity.

Dingy-looking teeth can decrease your confidence. If you’ve wanted to get a gleaming smile, now’s the time to do something about it. Contact us today to schedule your appointment! Our Hilo office offers a $99 whitening special.

Nervous? We Have Something for That Too

Ask about our safe and comfortable sedation options to help you relax throughout your smile makeover or other dental work. We’re here to help you feel comfortable! Flexible financing plans are available. Contact Michelle Eng, DDS in Aliso Viejo to schedule your smile makeover consultation.



Suzan S
Suzan S
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Always have a great experience! On Time. Professional. Educational. Friendly.
Christine E
Christine E
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While having my teeth worked on always brings some degree of trepidation, Dr. Michelle Eng helps to remove all anxiety. She is a gentle, caring, and overall fantastic dentist.

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